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Piano Lessons- What Benefits Can Your Kids Get from Piano Lessons?

A lot of parents are hesitant to involve their kids to activities outside of school because they don’t want to appear a ‘pushy parent’. However, some parents view dance classes, art camp, football, and piano lessons great activities to enrich their children.

When choosing after-school activities, it is very essential to examine which activities can enrich the lives of your children and help develop their skills at the same time.

While there are several activities out there, piano is one way to increase the ability, focus, and confidence of your child. This can help them practice discipline and patience. In addition, studies show that learning piano gives positive impact on the mental health of your child.

Below are the different benefits that piano lessons can give to your child.


If you’re going to talk to a pianist, he probably tell you that learning how to play piano takes three things- determination, patience, and perseverance. But regardless of acquiring these three, the result can be overwhelming.

Once your kids start the lessons, they are going to give attention to the instructions given by the piano teacher. Throughout the learning process, they are going to develop different fundamental skills such as listening, comprehension, and reaction to information.

As they learn concentration for longer periods, they will slowly realize the benefits they get from their constant practice. With this, they have a higher chance to learn to be resilient to the problems they face in the future.


Studies show that learning how to play piano can help relieve stress, reduce anxious feelings, and improve self-esteem. In other studies conducted, it has been found out that playing piano can help treat stress and depression.

When you enroll your child to piano lessons, you are giving them chance to involve in creative outlet which can help them develop to be used now and in the future.


Playing piano can greatly improve your child’s confidence. This does not only refer to mastering a new note or a tricky chord. This also refers to the confidence they feel in performing in front of others. Who would not love to display their new skills?

Learning to play the piano allows your kids to flourish in performance, to accept that they can make mistake, and to be confident in whatever they do. This is something that even many adults have not mastered.

Studies in 2004 shows, that children who had piano lessons for three years have higher self-esteem compared to those that don’t.


Playing piano is one of the best ways to enhance hand-eye coordination. In addition, this improves independent coordination between two hands. It has been found out that playing piano can change cortical mapping, increasing finger movement speed across keys.

Learning hand-eye coordination is very useful in almost everything we do, such as writing, typing, driving, and many sports.

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